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BLAST OFF! (to space) The Show

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   Since  BLAST OFF!  is a unique immersive experience with certain space requirements, you’ll find a description of that show and some FAQs below.


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    or an interactive reading of “Insects & Me, A-Z”, click here or scroll down further! 


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BLAST OFF! (to space) The Show is a multimedia one person performance incorporating music, lights and projection art, puppetry and physical comedy. Audiences are invited to be daring and venture on a fantastical voyage in space! It is recommended for ages 4-10 and their adults.  


BLAST OFF! is an experience in two parts. The first half is a free-roaming “town square” of activities, where audience members visit a number of stations to complete various missions, including rocket building, alien drawing, physical exercises, and a reading nook filled with space-related books. These activities prepare the audience for their pending trip to space. Then, audience members are invited inside the “space shuttle” – a 25 foot inflatable dome that will simulate their launch into space. This second half of the experience is more of a performance, led by a fearless Space Commander (played by Mélissa) and including lots of exciting twists and turns. Once the shuttle lands back on Earth, the audience is encouraged to take selfies with some of the props used throughout the performance. 


Want to bring BLAST OFF!  to your community? Check out these FAQ's!  


How big does my space need to be to fit BLAST OFF?

The inflatable dome needs a space that is at least 30’ by 30’, with ceilings as high as 15’. The “town square” of activities is more flexible and can be modified to fit into a variety of spaces, including a theater lobby or classroom. Ideally, both the inflatable dome and the activity stations could fit in the same room! Thinking you don’t have enough space? Never fear! You could always partner with other spaces in your community to host the show – like school gymnasiums, indoor sports fields or basketball courts, museums with large rooms, theaters with large stages, large dance studios, and more!​


Can BLAST OFF take place outdoors?
Unfortunately, the inflatable dome does need to remain in an indoor location. It’s possible that the town square activities could take place outside, but we would need an alternate indoor plan for these activities in case of weather. 


Other than a big enough space, what else would my venue/organization need to provide for BLAST OFF?
At the minimum we will need access to electricity (a grounded, 3-prong outlet). For the town square activities to run smoothly, a few tables and a few venue staff members to assist are much appreciated! We can work with you to make the best plan for your venue. ​


Is BLAST OFF wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The inflatable dome is wheelchair accessible, and chairs can be placed inside for anyone who needs it. All other seats inside the dome are cushions placed on the floor. 

How many people can attend BLAST OFF at one time?
We are limited by the capacity inside of the inflatable dome, which is approximately 40 people. We are willing to book more than one show in the same day to accommodate more folks! 


How long is BLAST OFF?

The entire experience lasts around 45 minutes. This includes 15 minutes of town square activities, followed by the 30 minute journey-to-space performance inside of the inflatable dome. 


Once the performance inside the dome starts, can people still enter/exit?

We recommend that once the performance begins inside the dome, there is no late seating. However, if anyone needs to exit the dome at any time, they can be easily ushered out and safely “returned to earth”. However, they will not be able to return after exiting. 


How many people travel with BLAST OFF the show?

Two people. While BLAST OFF is a one person performance, the experience does travel with one additional person to help with the logistics of the Town Square activities and assist audience members in and out of the inflatable dome. 


How much time does it take to set up and break down BLAST OFF?

The experience needs a minimum of 3-4 hours to set up, and a minimum of 2-3 hours to break down. If it’s at all possible to set up the experience the day before the performance begins, that would be ideal! It gives us time to test all equipment and make any necessary adjustments to the new space. 


Are there any additional workshops or activities that accompany BLAST OFF?

Yes! “BLAST OFF! Astronaut Training” is an interactive storytelling program that can act as a precursor to BLAST OFF! This in-person OR virtual program will have kids up on their feet as they go through a mock astronaut training, complete with physical exercises, a drawing challenge, history lessons highlighting achievements by women in space, and an interactive reading of Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed. This workshop can be booked in conjunction with BLAST OFF! (the show), or as a stand alone program! 


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