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The Show

Coming to  Brooklyn June 2023

Currently Booking for Fall 2023 and beyond... 


Co produced with The New Collectives with support from the New York Foundation of the Arts Women's Fund.

Created and Performed by Mélissa Smith 

BLAST OFF! (to space) The Show is a multimedia one person performance incorporating music, lights and projection art, puppetry and physical comedy. Audiences are invited to be daring and venture on a fantastical voyage in space! But beware of aliens!!!  

The performance will take place inside the 'space shuttle' where big decisions are made and anything is possible. 


Recommended ages 4-10 - and their adults. 

Astronaut Training 

*Live In Person       *Live Virtual 
*Coming Soon - Video available to license

 BLAST OFF!  Astronaut Training is an interactive storytelling program created and performed by Mélissa Smith!

Trainees will be up on their feet as they go through a mock astronaut training session -- complete with physical exercises, a drawing challenge, history lessons highlighting achievements by women in space, and an interactive reading of Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed.

The young recruits will learn the astronaut creed, "If I can dream it, if I can believe in it, and if I can work hard for it, anything is possible!"

There is a special viewing of the acclaimed film "Veggies In Space" and the session culminates in an intergalactic dance party!

Tech Specs & Testimonials 
Story by Mélissa Smith Illustraions by Ingrid Larson.png

Now Available!

From the same creative team that brought you the acclaimed film "Veggies In Space" comes the illustrated graphic novel of the same title! 

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